May 8 2003 - MINI FESTIVAL

Bujinkan Québec is preparing for a mini festival on the 1st of June, in Val-Bélair from 10 am to 4 pm. During this Day, students will be able to attend different workshops. The formula is simple. Three workshops are taking place at the same time. You choose the one that interest you the most. Remember that when you choose one, you lose the two that remain. The workshops are 45 or 50 minutes long, depending on the number of instructors present.

The techniques tought during these mini festivals are always different and interesting. These workshops cover all sorts of themes like vibrating strikes, weapons, restraining techniques and other hand-to-hand combat techniques. Psychology in combat is also a theme that can often be covered at the mini festivals. For example, distorting the adversary's perceptions, breaking the adversary's natural combat rhythm, verbal manipulation to control the adversary's state of mind, body language, etc. Climbing techniques, jumps and rolls can also somtimes be topics in a mini festival. In short, a large quantity of information is given during these workshops.

The mini festival is opened to present as well as past students of the Bujinkan Quebec Dojo (previously known as the Ninpo Yamabushi Dojo). For Bujinkan students training outside of Québec, you can take arrangements if you are interested.