Bernard Grégoire, Yushuu Shihan, 15th Dan

Shihan Bernard Grégoire has started training in ninjutsu in 1984. For more than 30 years, he has trained in several martial arts. He also has a 6 degree black belt in kempo karate. His first experience of ninjutsu started with the help of Stephen K. Hayes during two ninjutsu seminars in the United-States, one of which lasted 5 days. After these semiinars, Bernard Grégoire fell completely in love with this martial art. Teaching to security professionnals of the public and private sector, Mr. Grégoire felt the need to concentrate his efforts on restraining techniques rather than punching and kicking techniques. Having trained in more than 12 different martial arts, Bernard Grégoire found, in Ninjutsu, what he was looking for.

After these two ninjutsu seminars with Stephen Hayes, and until the end of the 80's, Bernard Grégoire trained with James Husfelt, his teacher during that time, who was based in Portland, Maine. After this period, Bernard continued his training with Stephen K. Hayes and Shawn Havens. In 1995, Jack Hoban became his instructor and in 2001, Bernard received his shidoshi title while travelling in Japan. Since that time, he trains directly with the Bujinkan Dojo founder, Sensei Masaaki Hatsumi.

Bernard Grégoire also teaches at the F-X Garneau College in Commercial and Industrial Security. He also teaches knife defense tactics, Pressure point control tactics (PPCT) and handcuffing techniques to several professionnal security groups. He is also a licensed instructor in Kubotan, bodyguard science and explosives detection techniques. Bernard Grégoire also teaches Tai Chi and Kempo Karate. Furthermore, Bernard is also a security supervisor for major events like the "Grands Feux Loto-Québec" fireworks festival, the Quebec equestrian competition and several other special events.

Mr. Grégoire has also tought special patient restraining and control techniques for major hospitals and psychiatric establishments. He has been the director and host for "Les Arts Martiaux démystifiés", a television show in Quebec.

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